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August 27, 2012

TBL :: Haider Ackermann

<p>A Few of My Favourite {Haider Ackermann} Things . . .
<font size=2>

Peplum Waist Jackets and Lamb Origami
Pointed Cuff Leather and Fun Merlot Linings
Cotton Silk Blazers and Grape Stretch Suede Leggings
These Are a Few of My Favourite {Haider Ackermann} Things
<font size=1>
Brown Peplum Leather Jacket // Aubergine Stretch-Suede Leggings // Black Square Jacket w/Silk Trim Cuffs // Black Pointed Leather Gloves w/ Merlot Suede Lining // Black Textured-Leather Origami Skirt


August 21, 2012

Taste :: Tiny Cranberry Tarts

terrablack :: Taste :: Tiny Cranberry Tarts

Love the crisp tang of fresh cranberries: juices, in salads, turkey sandwhiches, alone, with mixed nuts, to name a few, and now, in this delicious recipe for Tiny Cranberry Tarts . . .


8 tbsp unsalted butter, room temperature
3 oz regular or low-fat cream cream
1 cup flour

1 egg
3/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp unsalted butter, room temperature
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
3 oz frozen cranberries

 {Click here for preparations instructions}

terrablack :: Taste :: Tiny Cranberry Tarts

{Recipe & Images}

August 17, 2012

Leisure :: Beachside Lounging

terrablack :: Leisure :: Beachside Lounging

"On the beach, you can live in bliss." ~ Dennis Wilson

THE PURSUIT: A locale where the reward for merely strolling outdoors promises warm sun on skin, soft sand in toes, and cool breezes that carry the calming, salty scent of the ocean; where lounging is at the top of the agenda, and, other leisures, such as reading, light napping, and picnicking, are effortlessly accomplished from the comforts of a perfectly picked spot . . .


terrablack :: Leisure :: Beachside Lounging

It is said that life at the beach is different, that time does not move hour to hour, but mood to moment; that those lucky enough to call the beach home—for any amount of time—live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun. It is this leisurely sensibility that inspires us to seek such a place for an afternoon, a weekend, or an extended stay. Accordingly, here are 6 destinations, worldwide, for your beach lounging consideration . . . {CONTINUE}

August 16, 2012

Appliqué :: Chanel Allure Sensuelle

terrablack :: Appliqué :: Allure Sensuelle

Always in pursuit of a complimentary fragrance for evening as I prefer mild, soft scents with the freshness of bergamot like Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist during the day, for evening, however, a warmer, spicier scent is called for, and I've just discovered the answer in Chanel's Allure Sensuelle.

 . . . revealing a fascinating facet of a woman's allure, Allure Sensuelle is a modern, magnetic fragrance with a voluptuous Oriental note and a spicy accent . . .

Coco Chanel Allure SensuelleCoco Chanel Allure SensuelleCoco Chanel Allure Sensuelle


:Images via Chanel

August 15, 2012

Taste :: Banana Ice Cream w/Dark Chocolate Shavings

terrablack :: Taste :: Banana Ice Cream w/Dark Chocolate Shavings

Hands down, no questions asked, Banana is my absolute favourite flavour of ice cream. Blend in dark chocolate (chips, shavings, chunks—anyway I can have it), and a few nuts—hazelnuts, almonds, pecans or walnuts—à la Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey and my adoration is magnified tenfold. Considering how rare Banana ice cream is (my only satisfying options are plain Banana via Cold Stone or Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey), you can imagine my utter excitement when I came a cross this simple, 7-ingredient recipe for Banana Ice Cream w/Dark Chocolate Shavings made by hand—no ice cream machine required. Into the kitchen I go!

500g peeled bananas {1 pound*}
1 tbs lemon juice
110g castor sugar {1/2 cup*}
200 ml double cream {about 4.5 oz*}
0,5 dl water {1/4 cup*}
50g dark chocolate shavings (70% cocoa solids) {1/2 cup*}
Chocolate shavings and/or hazelnuts or almonds to serve
{Click here for preparation instructions}

terrablack :: Taste :: Banana Ice Cream w/Dark Chocolate Shavings

*The conversions I have listed are a "gestimate", please be sure to use a proper ingredient converter before attempting recipe.

: Serendipitous Discovery & Images via Pratos e Travessas

August 14, 2012

Adornment :: Collared

terrablack :: Adornment: Embellished Collars

Spikes and studs, laser-cut leather, pearls and stones, all have been seen embellishing the collars of everything from blouses to dresses to jackets; and while I do enjoy a statement-collared jacket or blazer, alternatively—avoiding the permanency of an embellished collar on a favourite blouse—I prefer collared necklaces adorned with sequins, crystals and such as this gives me the option to where as often as I like and with any other piece in my wardrobe.


terrablack :: Adornment :: Embellished Collars

terrablack :: Adornment :: Embellished Collars

terrablack :: Adornment :: Embellished Collars


terrablack :: Style :: Embellished Collars

terrablack :: Adornment :: Embellished Collars

TOPSHOP: Spike End Collar | Metal Stud Collar | Textured Point Collar | Stud Laser Cut Collar | Geo Laser Cue Collar: Black or Dark Pink | KARL AMBER: Crystal & Bead Cotton Collar | TOPSHOP: Pear Beaded Collar | Stone Embellished Collar | Pearl Point Collar | Pearl Peter Pan Collar | Pearl & Fabric Collar


:: Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

August 13, 2012

Décor :: Tabletop: Bowled Over

terrablack ::  Décor :: Tabletop: Wood Salad Bowls

Bring a bit of rustic flare to your tabletop with bowls carved of wood: a richly grained Mango or Acacia—a dense, durable hardwood with a finely patterned grain in varying shades—that lends a serene beauty to your freshly tossed fruit, pasta, or green summer salads; and, with a variety of organic shapes and wood blends there's a perfectly carved setting for your indoor or outdoor tabletop.


terrablack :: Décor :: Tabletop: Wood Salad Bowls

terrablack :: Décor :: Nambé Wood Salad Bowls

terrablack :: Decor :: Crate&Barrel Acacia Salad Bowls



terrablack :: Decor :: Wood Bowls

terrablack :: Décor :: Tabletop: Wood Salad Bowls


Bosco 3-Piece Mango Wood Salad Bowl & Servers Set | Nambé 'Yaro' Salad Bowl Set  |  Crate & Barrel 3-Piece Acacia Salad Bowl & Servers Set  |  Nambé 'Heritage Pebble' Salad Set  |  Nambé 'Butterfly Bow' w/Servers  |  Nambé 'Kyoto' Salad Bowl w/Servers  |  Spaulted Maple Oval Bowl  |  Totally Bamboo Metro Slanted Bowl

:: Images: VivaTerra / Crate&Barrel / Nambé via Nordstrom / Crate&Barrel /

August 08, 2012

Taste :: Mini Blueberry Pavlovas

terrablack :: Taste :: Blueberry Pavlova

2, maybe 3 (I've consumed them so fast Iv'e lost count) large containers of fresh, summer blueberries have been devoured in the last couple of weeks: in salads, pancakes (when I don't have them here) with yogurt and granola, alone as a smart and simple savory snack, I've enjoyed them myriad ways and still haven't had my fill, which leads me to my next blueberry treat: Blueberry Pavlova—a light meringue dessert of a delicate, crisp crust ensconced by a soft, sweet marshmallow-y center topped with whipped cream and fresh blueberries . . . MMMM!

:: Serendipitous Discovery: CookingChannelTV via My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes . . . by Gwyneth Paltrow icon

August 07, 2012

Style :: Peplum Persuasion

terrablack :: Style :: Peplum Persuasion

Though always able to appreciate this flattering shape on others, was never a fan of the peplum silhouette for myself, that was, until exactly 8:02 AM yesterday morning when my inbox received a very persuasive trend alert [from Intermix] featuring a head-to-toe look I was instantly, completely smitten with: understated, yet eye-catching, and perfectly accessorized. ♥

: Elizabeth and James :: Yumi Peplum Top via Intermix
: Maison Boinet :: Wide Haircalf Belt via Intermix
: Rag & Bone :: Split Skinny Jean w/ Embroidered Side Panels via Rag & Bone
: Sergio Rossi :: Barbie Empire Suede Booties via Intermix
: Ted Rossi :: Leather Pyramid Bracelet via Intermix
: Vita Fede :: Lagina Bracelet via ShopBop




Topshop Sleeveless Peplum Top  DV by Dolce Vita Banya Bootie via Endless  The Limited Obi Belt

: Topshop :: Sleeveless Peplum Top
: DV by Dolce Vita :: Banya Bootie
: The Limited :: Obi Belt

:: Image: Intermix

August 06, 2012

Philanthropy :: DKNY x FEED Capsule Collection


The collaborative efforts of FEED and DKNY have yielded the DKNY x FEED City Survival capsule collection with profits going to help support the United Nations World Food Programme's fight against hunger by providing meals to children worldwide. You can aid the cause by purchasing items from the collection via DKNY, NET-A-PORTER, or Bloomingdales's; donating directly to WFP or the <a target='new' href="http://www.thefeedfoundation.org/feed-funds.asp">FEED Foundation; starting a fundraiser; or volunteering. Here's a quick bit of information and breakdown of how your DKNY x FEED purchases help by the numbers:

2006 :: Year FEED began
60 Mil :: Number of meals provided to date for children worldwide through the FEED Foundation
100% :: Percentage of FEED products made with sustainable materials
25 :: Number of emergency meals your purchase of the Matte-Rubber Wellingtons will provide
100 :: Number of emergency meals your purchase of the Canvas & Shell Tote will provide
365:: Number of days (1 full year) micronutrient powder will be provided for 2 (1 Mother, 1 Child) w/ your purchase of the Canvas & Shell Diaper Bag

Whether you donate via purchases, time given or monetarily, it all adds up to help FEED those in need around the world, and that provides a filling satisfaction no food can.



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