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May 01, 2012

Leisure :: Equestrian Escape № 01

Equestrian Escape

"In riding a horse, we borrow freedom." - Helen Thompson

Equestrianism, for most, is a learned skill for dedicated sporting events and competitions; for many others it is form of creative expression, or live art—poetry in motion, and then there are those who have no expectations at all and simply mount for the thrilling adventure of flying without wings. Whatever your reasons for mounting, here a five places, across the globe, to pursue your equestrian escape . . .


Merrimac, Massachusetts, USA

Sons of the Wind Farm | School of Equestrian Arts

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01

If you want to learn the art of dressage or simply polish your skills, head to the the rolling hills of Merrimac, where the School of Equestrian Arts shares its dedicated passion for classical dressage . . .

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01

. . . with private lessons to develop or hone the balance, rhythm and feel within the movement of the horse, riders of all levels have the unique opportunity to experience and embrace the ageless goals of lightness and harmony with their equine partner.

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01



Dubois, Wyoming, USA

Bitterroot Ranch

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01

Though one of the largest states in America, the mountainous state of Wyoming fittingly yields the smallest population, which leaves vast, unspoiled open spaces ideal for equestrian pursuits. . .

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01

. . . and with a culture dominated by the ranching/cowboy mystique, whether for sport or leisure, horseback riding remains very popular on lands where one can ride for miles enjoying the beauty of the open back country.

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01



Las Alpujarras, Sierra Nevada, Spain

Dallas Love Stables

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01

Take in old Spain at its absolute finest as you ride along ancient Roman roads through a timeless landscape . . .

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01

. . . carefully terraced valleys and whitewashed villages cling to hillsides amid a patchwork of olive groves and rural gardens as you enjoy a wonderful sense of peace and freedom.

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01



Donegal, Ulster, Ireland

Dunfanaghy Stables

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01

Located in the north west of Ireland, Dunfanaghy Stables is situated on the beautifully wild and rugged coastline of Donegal...

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01

. . .you're provided with unlimited access to breathtaking Atlantic beaches where you can ride seemingly endless miles without interruption.

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01



Benguerra Island,[Bazaruto Archipelago] Mozambique, Africa

Stables at Mozambique Horse Safari

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01 Benguerra Island

Long stretches of untouched white sand beaches, a golden, warming sun and the ever-changing blues of the Bazaruto Archipelago surround the trail for one of Africa’s most awe-inspiring horse safaris . . .

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape № 01 Benguerra Island

. . .  here you’ll marvel in the magnificence of experiencing the unspoilt Benguerra Island by horseback.

Agenda :: Equestrian Escape Benguerra Island

For more equestrian destinations visit Equitours.


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