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August 16, 2012

Appliqué :: Chanel Allure Sensuelle

terrablack :: Appliqué :: Allure Sensuelle

Always in pursuit of a complimentary fragrance for evening as I prefer mild, soft scents with the freshness of bergamot like Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist during the day, for evening, however, a warmer, spicier scent is called for, and I've just discovered the answer in Chanel's Allure Sensuelle.

 . . . revealing a fascinating facet of a woman's allure, Allure Sensuelle is a modern, magnetic fragrance with a voluptuous Oriental note and a spicy accent . . .

Coco Chanel Allure SensuelleCoco Chanel Allure SensuelleCoco Chanel Allure Sensuelle


:Images via Chanel

August 03, 2012

Appliqué :: The Colour of Zen

Essie Yogaga Collection

Yoga class starts in 5 minutes. Lululemon Power Y tank and Discover Crops: ✔ The Mat and No-Brainer Mat Strap: ✔  Nail lacquer in relaxing hues to enjoy during your Forward Fold . . .  Oh. Not to worry. Essie has you covered with Yogaga, her collection of six yoga-themed polishesBoxer Shorts - a winning blue; Spinning Again - a driven brick red; Pilates Hottie - a zen light lilac; Marathin - a fit rosy pink; Gym Dandy - a motivated greige brown; Yogaga - a peachful sandy beige—each colour perfected to amp up your excercise routine.

Essie Yogaga Collection


:: Images via Essie // Serendipitous Discovery via PopSugar Shop

February 15, 2011

Girl Power

Wonder Woman MAC Makeup

Yes, I will proudly admit that as a little girl I ran around the house with my (pretend) bullet-propelling blue cuff bracelets, a Lasso of Truth (an old jump rope) tied to my waist, tiara and star-splattered undies to mimic my favorite superhero, the seductiviley powerful Wonder Woman.  That said, you can imagine the wave of nostalgia this heroine inspired beauty collection brings. Whether as her secret identity, civilian Diana Prince, or as corset-clad superhero Wonder Woman, there was always an air of sophistication and glamour. I'm thinking of buying this collection more for memorabilia than to wear, though that just means I should probably get two of everything.

M·A·C Wonder Woman Nail Lacquer in Spirit of Truth, $15
M·A·C Wonder Woman Minerlize Skinfinish, $35
M·A·C Wonder Woman Lipglass in Secret Identity, $20
M·A·C Wonder Woman Lady Justice Eye Shadow Quad, $40
M·A·C Wonder Woman Themyscira Opulash Mascara, $15
M·A·C Wonder Woman Lipstick in Heroine, $15.50


February 10, 2011

Tipped Off

Black Tipped Manicure

Just the other day I mentioned going Back to Black and was having trouble deciding between three different black nail lacquers (which included a matte and a gloss). Well, as you can imagine I was completely smitten with this image of a black gloss on black matte manicure I came across while perusing the web. I absolutely love it! It is perfect beyond words. I can not wait to have my manicurist apply this to my nails!

image via thecoolhunter

January 28, 2011

Back to Black

<font size=6>I</font>'m recently over my cranberry crush from a couple months ago; and though I'll keep it close, I feel the need to return to my customary color of choice: black. Unfortunately, the last bottle I have, Rimmel's Black Satin, is near empty so I need to replenish with a new bottle, or two. These are the three variations of black lacquer that I am currently considering: Scotch Narturals' Black Tartan nail polish which is water-based and has a low luster; Deborah Lippmann Collection's Fade to Black nail lacquer that is sleek with a nice sheen; and Butter London's Union Jack Black nail lacquer with it's patent leather mimicking high-gloss. Which do you think I should choose?

Deborah Lippmann Collection Fade to Black Nail Lacqer, $16

Butter LONDON Union Jack Black Nail Lacquer, $14

Scotch Naturals Black Tartan Nail Polish, $15

January 19, 2011

Banged Up


<font size=6>B</font>lunt bangs and I have an on-again, off-again relationship—I want them so I cut them, then I don't want them and have to wait forever for them to grow out. Currently I'm off the bangs; they've grown about four inches and are at my lips happily joining whatever I'm eating if I'm not careful. I don't know if this has anything to do with my recent need to get them back, but it doesn't matter because this time I won't have to suffer through the growing out phase. I'm going to get the instant gratification of blunt bangs without the commitment of cutting my hair. Urban Outfitters, Sally and Beauty.com all have clip in bangs for me to play with—making my on/off relationship with them so much easier to deal with.

<font size=1>{images:1,2,3,4}</font>

November 29, 2010

Cranberry Crush

{Forever 21 Magenta Touch of Shimmer Nail Polish}

A few months ago, during a shopping trip to Forever 21, I picked up a couple of bottles of their love & beauty nail lacquer from the Touch of Shimmer collection—silver and magenta. I haven't gotten to the silvery gray yet as I've been hooked on this magenta for several weeks now. I don't agree with the color name though—when I think of magenta a dark, deep fuschia comes to mind. This lacquer, in and out of the bottle, looks more like plump and juicy cranberries, which I happen to love.


November 18, 2010

Stressing the Tresses


<font size=6>O</font>ne trend I'm determined to try before the autumn season hands itself over to spring is what I'm calling the faux fro—a less structured interpretation of what is normally a perfectly round hairdo. I'm really feeling the organic energy of the tight curls that have been severely or loosely teased and effortlessly shaped.

<font size=1>Images: 1. Agent Bauer, 2. Anthropologie, 3. Style, 4. Dior</u></font>

November 10, 2010

Lashing Out

<font size=6>A</font> couple of years ago I wore false lashes—individuals—for almost an entire year straight. I love them, however keeping them on while washing my face twice a day was definitely a task. I want to revisit them but I'm thinking of going with a strip this time instead. Now I just need to decide which shape and density—staying natural or going glamazon. Any suggestions?

1. M•A•C 34 Lash Lashes, $14

2. Shu Uemura Black Velvet Feather False Eyelashes, $25

2. Pop Beauty Dressed Up Diva Lashes, $10

October 15, 2010

Beauty & The Bag

<font size=6>I</font> was probably seven or eight when my Grammy shared with me a crucial rule of style: "a woman's belt, bag and shoes should always match"—it wasn't long before I broke that rule to pair hot pink suede shoes with a turquoise bag. This season, I'm revisiting the matchy match theory in a slightly different manner: coordinating my lipstick and nail lacquer hues to match the color of my handbags.


Halston Heritage Susan Chain-Mail Clutch, $235

Clinique Color Surge Butter Shine Lipstick, $14

Butter London Purple Rain Nail Polish, $14

Ravishing Red:

Nars Dovima Nail Polish, $16

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour, $14

Emporio Armani Calfskin Clutch, $495

Au Naturale:

Marc Jacobs Anabela Quilted Tote, $1,350

Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick, $14

Butter London Hoorah Henri Nail Lacquer, $14



Haute Hippe

Leather Shorts



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